Poziv za učenike da se prijave za takmičenje u okviru TEF projekta.

Obzirom da će takmičenje biti na engleskom jeziku, poziv je takođe pripremljen na engleskom jeziku…

TEF Project (Tourism Education Future) funded by the European Commission

aims to innovate tourism VET provision thanks to the development of up-skilling

activities for teachers and trainers and inventive learning activities for students.

The TEF project invites the students of your school to register for the blended skills

competition, which will start in November this year.

The competitions, which will be held in part online and in part in person, are intended

to enhance both the soft and professional skills of students as well as the digital

teaching abilities of teachers.

During the TEF blended skills competitions, students will demonstrate their

knowledge of national and international cuisines, ingredients, healthy eating habits,

waste management, as well as creativity and skill in preparing meals. Participants

form 6 countries take part in the competition and will be assigned to transnational

teams. The final competition for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and

Portugal will be held in Fatima, Portugal.

The link to apply is here.

The project is implementing the IUS Lifelong Learning

Center of the International University in Sarajevo (IUS) in cooperation with partner


– Apro Formazione, Alba, Italy

– Cebanc, San Sebastian, SPain

– EfVET, Brussel, Belgium

– Orizon, Kalamata, Greece

– Insignare, Qurem, Portugal

– Lanstede, Zwolle, The Netherlands